Keep your mind sharp with board games and more!

Did you know playing games like checkers, chess, board games and crosswords can help keep your mind sharp?

Randy Carter, our Wellness Director, hosts crosswords twice a week, for this very reason.  Residents play crosswords in a group setting, with a USAToday puzzle projected onto the wall. Everyone gets to play and help each other out.

Below, Resident Charlotte Paulk plays checkers in the Lounge.


Genesis Rehab Hosts Painting Event

Onsite rehab Genesis Rehab and Therapy hosted a paint along event in October.
Genesis employee Elinor Lincoln provided instruction and guidance on how to paint a “Spooky Cat.” Residents worked on their piece alongside other residents and Genesis staff jumped into help when needed.

Genesis Rehab is located on the 4th floor of the Savannah Commons main building and provides onsite therapy including physical, occupational and speech.

Why Experts Recommend Lying to Someone with Dementia

When your older adult has Alzheimer’s or dementia, their brain may experience a different version of reality because of the damage their disease has caused.

Dementia care experts recommend stepping into your senior’s reality rather than trying to correct them or bring them back into ours. That’s because their brain is steadily losing the ability to process information. Forcing them to join us in the “real world” only causes confusion, anxiety, fear, and anger.

This technique takes some getting used to because going along with your senior’s new reality can feel like you’re lying to them. But the reality is that honesty is not always the best policy when it comes to someone with dementia.

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Executive Director gets “Lifeguard” title

Residents and staff awarded Executive Director Joyce McBride with her official Myrtle Beach Lifeguard shirt for keeping us all safe during the Irma evacuation! Residents and staff all signed their thanks and appreciation!

Thanksgiving Menu ready for Turkey Day!

Chef Deb and her team are getting ready for Turkey Day!  This menu looks amazing!

If you would like to enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones who are residents at Savannah Commons.  Please be sure to stop by or call the front desk to RSVP !