Hurricane Prep Continues

Good morning! As we see that Tropical Storm Debby is forecast to fizzle out in the north Atlantic, we breath a sigh of relief but want residents and families to know that we do have our eye on the waters and the weather.  We also want to remind you to continue finalizing plans in the event of a storm, evacuation, or stay in place plan. Storm season is in full swing, and as usual we are in continuous contact with (Chatham Emergency Management Agency) CEMA and our management to continue our ongoing planning and preparations for whatever may come.

Please be reminded of our three basic protocols for hurricane preparations below. No matter what plan you decide, pre-planning is beneficial in either plan, so having and following the directions given in planning stages is important.

Remaining in place:  This decision would be made in conjunction with CEMA, emergency personnel and Savannah Commons staff and management. We have generators for minimal power and will have onsite staffing for the care and safety of residents in our independent, assisted and memory care buildings. Instructions and directions will be given to all residents regards to a stay-in-place plan.
Evacuation:  The decision to evacuation 160+ residents and staff is made again, with the assistance of CEMA and Savannah Commons management and ownership.  We will be evacuating to a sister property that operates similar to ours, and residents will be staying in vacant rooms, or in common areas, depending on availability, but will most likely be on air mattresses and cots. Savannah Commons staff will step in to assist our residents just as they would if we remained in place.
Going on your own/Taking your loved one with you:   You are absolutely permitted to depart on your own, or take your loved one with you, whether we stay in place or if we evacuate. Again, there will be instructions and directions in regards to the on your own plan, including signing out, returning to the property directions and more.  Please be aware that you will NOT be able to return to the property for any reason until we have given you the all-clear and approval to return. This is to ensure the safety of the residents that were with Savannah Commons, as well as the integrity and safety of the building.

DURING HURRICANE PLANNING AND PREPARATION, the best way to stay in contact with us is via
You may call the main line at 912.927.0500 but should phone system go down, we may or may not be reachable.  We also want to keep the lines, if up and operations, open and clear to make phone calls for emergency situations.