CEMA presents Emergency Preparedness Week – Day 1

This week is Emergency Preparedness Week and Chatham Emergency Managment Agency (CEMA) has distributed important information!  Savannah Commons works closely with CEMA in regards to any inclimate weather and is happy to share the information provided.

One way to prepare for the 2018 severe weather season is to make sure that your family, business, or house of worship has a reliable communication network in place. During a severe weather event, it is important that each member of your family or community can communicate with each other if they need assistance or are separated from the group. A simple way to do this is to keep a list of important contacts; this will ensure that the numbers are available in case your phone is lost or damaged. You can also designate an out of area contact, they may be out of range of the severe weather event and can easily call those in the affected area.

The next important step is to build a family emergency kit that you can easily store and carry when needed. This kit will have essential items that you and your family will need if you have to evacuate from the area or if there is a loss of utilities due to the severe weather events. The items in your kit could be food, water, can opener, flashlights, batteries, medication, or any item that you deem necessary. To learn more about what can go in this kit visit HERE>>https://www.chathamemergency.org/…/five-gallon-emergency-ki…